10 Fall Decorating ideas For 2018

Top 10 Fall/Autumn Decorating Ideas worth Trying This Year

Bathe your home with the grandeur of autumn and welcome the fall in an exciting and happiest way ever. Whether it is inside your home or outside, decorating your home with the similar themes each year can be quite challenging. If you are thinking of ideas on how to add those autumn colours to your space or how to decorate that pumpkin in a different way, here are some refreshing ideas to give shape to your creativity while decorating your home in a unique way for the autumn.

Autumn leaves

1. The pumpkin vase
With Halloween around there is no shortage of pumpkins and they can make a great vase but how you decorate them is the trick. You can simply clean up a large size pumpkin and place it as a centrepiece with fresh autumn flowers of your choice. Another way to decorate them is to use faux dahlias and artificial orange berries for an autumn-look to this centrepiece.
You may also add succulents to a pumpkin to make your surrounding natural and refreshing. Decorate the pumpkins with different material like gold studs or simply doodle with metallic gold paint pens over its surface to show your creativity.


2. Decorate the mantelpiece
The mantelpiece is the best place to show your decorating skills and woo hearts. All you have to do is arrange those autumn decorating items in a way to make the area more attractive and cosy. Use a simple and rustic theme to add warmth to the place. You may collect some votive holders and wrap them with a long twine to give an attractive look. Also, tie some fall leaves around the votive.
Use small and medium sized white coloured pumpkins and place them securely over the votive holders to create varying heights. Arrange them in a way you like.

mantel piece decorations

3. Rustic Garland
Make a golden garland by collecting orange and yellow fall leaves and fasten them with the help of a wire. Attach it to the front of a mantelpiece or just hang them straight to create a beautifying effect. You may also use such garland at the entryways or simply on blank walls to and make your house look ready for the autumn.

4. Fluttering autumn leaves windfall
This autumn decorative idea will definitely attract gazes and make anyone praise you for your creativity. Simply collect fall leaves with the stems intact and tie them with the help of a twine or waxed strings. At the end of each string tie, a pine cone as the weight will keep the strings straight. Make sure you tie each leaf at a regular distance until you make the string 3 foot long.
Finally, arrange 7-8 such strings on an 18-inch embroidery hoop and hang them in your entryway, or the front porch or in your backyard for a beautifying effect.
autumn leaves

5. Welcome Wreath
A welcome wreath at your front door will surely make your friends and family feel cosy during the autumn. Since your front door is the best place you show your creativity, it is best to make it in an excellent way. Simply take a few bunches of preserved oak leaves and a grapevine wreath form to start with. Cut down the preserved leaves into smaller branches leaving a few inches of stem or the stick.
Once you have separated a number of the branches, simply tuck them into the grapevine wreath form. Push it down until it secures on its own. Repeat the same it with all the remaining branches. Once your wreath is filled with the fresh orange colour oak leaves, use a burlap ribbon to hang it to your door.

6. Birch Bark sheet wreath
You make also make a wreath using Birch bark sheets and a foam wreath form. Cut out maple and oak leaves and arrange them on the birch bark sheets. Cut them and use a hot glue to attach them to the wreath form. To make some leaves appear elevated use small wooden cubes at the back of few leaves and attach them using a hot glue to the wreath form and your decoration is ready.
birch bark

7. Wall Art using fall leaves
One of the best and easiest way to decorate a simple wall is to make a wall art using fall leaves. You may either cover a huge area, an entire wall or simply a short area of your wall. Just collect a variety of fall leaves or pressed foliage and glue them on card stocks. You may either use white cardstock or use light coloured ones with different hues.
Mount them on the wall to cover as much area as you want. You may also collect oak leaves and paste them on a canvas to make a bigger shape of an oak leaf. It will not only decorate your area but will surely make you gain praises for your creativity.

8. Crab-apple Branches Arrangement
Another easy yet effective way to decorate your home for fall. This one is so simple that you can do it in a blink of an eye, especially when there is a surprise visit by your guests. All you have to do is flaunt the natural beauty of crab-apples by plucking away the leaves from the branches and place them in a vase and you are ready to go.
For an artistic look, you may place vases of different shapes and sizes and put them together in one place. You may also use Asian pear branch arrangement to decorate a place and make it cosy and beautiful in minutes.
crab apple branches

9. Painted pumpkin
The best way to show anyone that your home is well decorated for the fall is to make use of large-sized pumpkins to mark your address. All you have to do is paint your house number on a pumpkin large enough to get spotted from outside. This will not only help anyone find your house easily but also showcase your creativity. This simple yet effective decorating idea will surely woo many hearts.
You may also place a number of pumpkins near your front door to decorate the area. Create rustic patterns using paints to make them attractive and beautiful. Stack different sizes of pumpkin near the entryways or the corners of your room for a natural look.
coloured pumpkins

10. Use throw blankets
Plaid blankets can be a great addition to your autumn decoration, especially in your seating area as well as your bedroom. Choose colours that match well with your fall decoration such as orange, red, yellow and cream plaids. This will add warmth to any space and make you feel comfortable through the autumn season. Don't forget to place the cushy pillows here and there to make your house beautiful and cosy.

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