11 Best DIY Ideas To Decorate Your Living Room

The living room or the lounge is probably one of the most used spaces in your house. It also showcases your personality to your visitors. Decorating your living room plays an important role in how you feel while spending most of your time at home. There can be numerous ways to decorate the living space, but that doesn't mean that it has to be expensive. Instead, the decor should match your style while having a cohesive look. Here are a few DIY living room decor ideas that can instantly lift the ambience of the area.

1. Abstract Art Wall Decor

One of the best ways to add a spark to a dull living room wall is to create a bright abstract art wall decoration. If you have bright walls, you may use pastel shades to create a beautiful look. Start with a fresh canvas and use a painters tape to create the art of your choice. It could be something from stripes to shapes and anything that you want to create.
Now fill up the remaining space with colour and let it dry. Finally, pull off the tape to have a clean edge. It is quick, easy and can lift up any space.

2. Painted shiny vases

If painting is an activity you love, this DIY living room decor can create amazing results. The colourful enamel coated vases help in popping out a different colour to almost any place. Arrange them on the centre table or the side table or over the fireplace mantle. It will fill up your lounge with warmth while displaying your creativity.
Buy 2-3 clear glass vases of different shapes from a store. Also, choose some dishwasher safe paints of the colours. Start by cleaning the vases using warm soapy water. Let them dry and put some surface conditioner on the inside of the vase. Cover it and let it dry. Pour the colour of your choice into the vase and use a paintbrush to evenly spread it on the entire surface. Now put it upside down on a paper towel to allow the excess paint to come out. Turn the vase and wait for 10-15 minutes. Again put it upside down to collect the excess paint that gets deposited at the bottom. Let it dry for many hours. Create different colourful vases and decorate your living room with these beautiful pieces.

3. Silhouette photo frames

Silhouettes are easy to make and can create a trendy look around your living room. Start by choosing an area or corner of your room. It can be near the fireplace or the space surrounding your television. It can help you to creatively create a cohesive look around your television.
Start by choosing a few frames of different sizes. Accordingly, select some images and get them photocopied. Now fix them on a black paper using a tape and cut the image through the two layers using a crafts knife. Make sure you place something beneath so that you do not damage the work surface. Finally, adhere the darker images on a white art paper using an adhesive. Put them on the frames and hang them anywhere you want.

4. DIY Bookshelf

Bookshelves are a great addition to any living room. They not only enhance the decor of the space but also becomes a useful storage spot for all your books. Creating a DIY bookshelf is simple. All you need is 7-8 wood crates (unfinished). Choose the size according to the space available. Now Sander them to create a polished finish. Use a wood stain to cover the entire surface of the wood crate. After about 10 minutes wipe off the crate with the help of a rag.
Make sure you place a plastic tablecloth to prevent staining your floor and work area. Let the stain dry for about 8-9 hours. Now your crates are ready and can be arranged in every possible way to create your very own and unique piece of art. Connect them together using screws.

5. DIY coffee table

The coffee table is the central attraction of your living room, and therefore, it should be unique, trendy and eye-catching. Here is how you can make a coffee table in a fast and easy way. Buy 4 steel hairpin legs of about 16 inches height. Make sure they are free from any deformities. Wipe them off with a steel wool to create a smooth surface.
You will also have to find a wooden tabletop of your choice that will fit well over the legs. Sand all the surfaces and stain it. Once the table top is ready, simply take measurements and fix the steel legs with the help of screws and your coffee table is ready.

6. Plate decoration

Well, this decoration can look amazing when the right colours of plates are chosen. Depending on the colour of your wall, choose some contrasting colour and different sizes of plates.
Place the larger plate at the bottom and the smaller one on the top. Stick them together with epoxy glue. Let it dry completely. Once they are ready, simply hang them on your walls. Hanging several plate sets in a column make any empty space lively. You may choose antique or modern designs that match well with your personality.

7. Ladder art

A DIY ladder used to display your photographs can uplift any corner of your lounge as well as give a chance to the visitors to have a glance at your memorable moments. Making a ladder is easy and cheap. All you need is some tree branches that are thick enough to give the shape of a ladder.
Place two long branches parallel to each other and cut out equal sized small pieces for making the steps. Now join them together using nails, to shape it as a ladder. Put your photographs in frames and hang one on each step with the help of an S-hook. You may decorate the ladder with the decorating material of your choice to give it a rustic look.

8. Honeycomb decoration shelves

Wall shelves in the shape of a honeycomb not only adds style to your space but also helps in displaying various showpieces in an organised way. All you need is perfectly cut planks that you can adhere to create the shelf. If you have experience using saws then you can cut planks yourself for making this project, otherwise get them cut by a professional.
Make sure all the pieces of the wooden planks are of equal size. Join the edges of 6 pieces of the planks together using drill bits to make the first hexagonal structure. Keep adding sides to it to create the honeycomb. Once the complete structure is ready, clamp it to the wall and place showpieces, antique pieces, books etc.

9. Sunburst mirror

A sunburst mirror will not only illuminate the area but also win the hearts of your visitors. These mirrors are easy to make yet are priced high in stores. So, why not make your own? You will need about 64-65 bamboo skewers, gold spray paint, a round mirror and a round wooden plaque slightly smaller than the mirror.
At first, prepare the bamboo skewer, colour them golden with the spray paint and let these dry completely. Also, colour the wooden plaque. Use a hot glue gun to fix the plaque at the back of the mirror. Add a sawtooth hanger at the back for hanging. Now take four spokes and glue them diagonally on the back of the mirror. Add more spokes in between. Make sure you leave an equal gap between these. Once you have glued enough of long spokes, cut some spokes to reduce the length and fill them in between the longer spokes. Let everything dry and hang it on the wall.

10. DIY Floor Vase

A tall floor vase definitely adds style to any living room, and there is no match for a DIY wood rounds vase. If you have fallen tree branches, you may convert these into a beautiful art piece. Collect branches of varying thickness and cut them into rounds. Also, buy a tall vase and prepare it by sanding and painting it with a lighter shade such as white.
With the help of a fast drying adhesive, fix the wood rounds on the vase. Start by fixing them at the top end of the vase in a row. Put a rubber band so that the wood rounds stays in place and adheres well. Once the first row is done you may work up with the second row and so on. Once it is complete, you may place it in any corner of your room.

11. Colourful scalloped cushion cover

Well, this is super easy and can make a difference to your lounge by adding freshness. These scalloped pillowcases are decorated with felt which is easily available. Take 3-4 coloured felt sheets. Make sure these colours have a similar tone so that the effect is cohesive. Place a drinking glass and mark the edges with a pencil to obtain a perfect circle. Repeat making circles and cut them out.
Now take a pillowcase or cushion case (you may use an old one too) and start glueing them in a row. Once a row is finished, start with the second row slightly overlapping the first one. In this way complete the entire pillowcase until it is completely covered. For the sides, cut the felt circles into halves or smaller pieces, glue them and your DIY scalloped cushion cover is ready.

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