Bedroom Decor Styles

We have covered living room decor schemes in a previous blog so its only right that MB Home do the decent thing and move on to probably the most loved room in the house by its occupant, the bedroom. A place where you can relax and rest and also a place where you can get a brief rest bite from the bustle of family life. First and foremost the bedroom is a personal room and as such, the decor should reflect the character of the occupants as well as the functions. Lots can be achieved by lighting but pattern and colour can create in themselves a luxurious and seductive mood.

 Bedroom with grey decor scheme

Few people would ever think to use a pattern on a ceiling as this would be wasted in most rooms but in the bedroom its an ideal opportunity to try it out, you are not going to be spending much of your waking life in there so can afford to be adventurous with the decor. Usually, inferior quality carpets are used in the bedroom as they do not need to be hard wearing, but you can give the colour scheme and decor a real lift with a thick carpet or shaggy rug, knowing that it will be subject to little wear.

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If you are lucky enough to have a south facing bedroom the early rising sun will provide the necessary stimulus to get you up and going and in the evening help you relax and wind down as the sun drops. North facing room, however, will need bright invigorating colours to get the same effect or even creative use of lighting with many timer style lights and WIFI enabled systems doing a great job of replicating the natural sun via preset timers. Some bedrooms need to serve a dual purpose like a teenagers for example as it will be a study, living room and somewhere to sleep. So it is a balance between stimulating colour and restful styles so it will be individual as to how you push that boundary.


teenagers bedroom with study area

Small children's rooms, however, will normally double up as a playroom as well so the obvious choice is bold primary colours but with the nature of children, the room will almost start to fill with brightly coloured toys and games, so a neutral colour may be best. Then dress the room with a rug or pictures for example to make the styling individual. Smaller bedrooms which are normally reserved for guests will need a little effort making them appear bigger so no overpowering colours or large furniture items, except the bed of course.

bedroom with shaggy rug and netural colour scheme

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