Guide to Kitchen Decor

MB Home has decided that as it is 2018 and the guidelines to kitchen decor have changed somewhat over the years-long gone are the days of dark terracotta or white as the only acceptable choices for colour in these well-used areas, so it is time for an update. Kitchens need to be functional and have the ability to take a large portion of wear and tear. Primarily the materials you will choose have to dictate this as style over substance here will be shown up very quickly but it doesn't mean you need to spend a fortune on the best just a little savvy. You do not have to limit yourself here with regard to colour as there are plenty of sinks and appliances made in a host of colours.

kitchen dining room

Tiled worktops and splashbacks offer a great way to introduce some colour as do vinyl floorcoverings and even kitchen blinds as well as bathroom blinds as they are designed for this type of area as well. Nowadays fewer people dedicate a room solely for entertaining friends and family around the dining table you will need to decorate in a way to encourage people to sit for extended periods of time and enjoy a very personal space.

Textures can be an important consideration, offering a range of possibilities. Natural timber remains a popular material due to its versatility and an ideal choice for cupboards giving you the warmth that you can echo with your paint, paper and blinds. Also, you can contrast the timber with cooler colours and textures if that's your bag. Some people prefer to rely solely on plastic, ceramic and metallic surfaces, which always give a clean and purposeful look and character.

kitchen with island

 If the kitchen incorporates a dining room as many do especially newer builds You may decide that you want a more relaxed decor conducive to relaxing conversation then don't go too bright pastel colours are great for this twinned with light oak make a perfect cooking/eating area. Fabric upholstery on vinyl flooring with perhaps a kitchen runner-rug down will absorb some of the expected clatters of kitchen utensils. In the dining areas, you could decorate with a completely different colour than the kitchen perhaps darker tones or patterned wallpaper and homewares to set a definitive dining area.

Lighting has to be different in these double areas as you will want warm inviting mood style lights in the dining area and a more practical spotlight style light to ensure the safe use of knives etc. You can even go quirky with the lighting like a geometric shade or nautical style lamp to add character and make a great conversation piece over a glass of wine waiting for the potatoes to cook. If you have space a sofa is a great addition to the dining area as a place for people to gather and relax waiting for food to be served or simply sitting on after a great meal.

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