How To Pick A Coffee Table

Picking a coffee table can seem a bit of a mission as the choice available is mind-boggling from wood to glass square to round and they are just the very basic of choices. So to aid in your search the team at MB Home Furnishing have created this post for you to use.

The coffee table may seem like a small item in the grand scheme of home decor and furniture but it can make or break a living space. The wrong colour or style will cripple your well thought out interior design aspirations. You need to first ask yourself what is its uses other than the act of holding cups. Do you need storage? is it going to be a focal point of the room? etc. You will also consider the practicalities of it as remember it will get a lot of use so will need to be durable. Its all well and good having a gorgeously stylish table but if you have to clean it every hour it will soon become a drag. Do you have children running around? as you will need to consider safety aspects also.

- Uses of the coffee table?

It is an obvious question but thinks how it will be used as if you live alone and it will take a single cup in the morning and evening you will not need a large surface area version a family of 6 may use. Some people like to use the table for storage so a drawer or undershelf is a must many wood versions come with a drawer in so would be perfect for this and we also have some designer style glass and metal versions that sport the shelf. Also if you have family dinners around the table over a film etc then surface area will be more of a need than the drawer.


What do you actually need? has it got to be a maintenance fuss-free hardwearing version or are you about bold statement pieces?. As in many cases, one does not come hand in hand. If you have children or particularly clumsy pets then a roundtable may be better as there will not be corners to bash in to. Most coffee tables are in a height range that will be the head height of many dogs. Although this will not stop injury in someone falls into it but it will limit the injury.

- What decor?

Although I am mentioning this last it is still a major consideration for obvious reasons. You need something that will blend into your chosen scheme. The humble coffee table is a small item but it can make a major difference in your decor you can even go bold and use this as the centrepiece of your space. You need to make sure that the room decor is not so overly layered that the coffee table is not even a consideration. The table can also be used to break up the room a little if you have a dominant colour or style that you want to give a twist to. If you have a predominantly pale white style decor try a red coffee table for instance and it will create a break for the eye.

It is an important piece to choose as you will be looking at it almost as much as the tv in the room and every guest you invite round will also use it. So take your time in choosing and relax with your choices using this guide and it should at the very least narrow down your selection to a more usable list.

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