Our Most Common Decorating Questions Answered

We have compiled this list on some of most common decorating questions we get asked. There is a minefield of questions to ask so we have tried to give this post a good mix but not go over the top and leave you trailing through it for hours to find your answers. We get asked a lot of questions and it’s great trying to help people out with some information but the trouble with the decor, in general, is that it is a very subjective subject what suits one will be hated by another. So let stand jump in and get started.

- I have wooden floors should my wooden furniture match? Well, I would say no go for a contrasting wood as too much of any colour can be a littleness overwhelming and even get a bit boring after a time. A good look is wooden floors in the dining room which will be stylish and practical. Go for a colour on the opposite end of the spectrum. Such as a mahogany colour floor and a pine dining set.

- I have a blank wall but I am on a budget. The best way to cover a blank space when on a budget is wallpaper as this will be inexpensive and easy to complement your existing decor. Alternatively, you could use a bookcase and place some books in ignore to dress it rather than make it a more usable piece.

- I have got a rug I wish to use in my room but how do I fit it in? First, of making sure the colours are right because I feel the decor is wrong it will never fit in. Next up make sure at least the front legs of the main furniture pieces sit on the rug and don’t be worried about bringing them into space a little to suit this. So unless you have designs on changing all the furniture which isn’t a rather expensive option stick with the above solution.

- How do I dress a bookcase? Try and colour code books a bit or at the very least stack similar cover style design books together. But don’t go over the top an overfilled bookcase can look cluttered and clumsy. even try to add some decorative items in the mix like vases etc.

- I want to try some new trends but don’t want to commit to much. The idea would be to bring in items in small accents to get a look. Try cushions, throws, lamps etc. You may even be able to combine style styles just start small and back off if something doesn’t sit right with you.

My room seems very busy what can I do? First off select one decor style as if you try and take parts from several it is very difficult for it to look and blend well. You could even try a de-clutter as many people accumulate a lot of things over time that we don’t even notice until we take a step back and look. You could even just simply trim down what you have if you have a sofa with 4 cushions go for 2, I feel you have large curtain size try blinds to open up the window more and the extra light will always make a room seem airy and spacious.

I am moving in with a friend and we can’t agree on a style? Moving in with a friend can be great fun and with the shared expense you can sometimes sell even take interior design further than you would if you only had the one budget. However, if you arrive at an impasse as regards to decor the only thing that can be done is decorate your shared areas neutrally. Then with you, right own space like bedroom go nuts with your chosen design aspirations.

I have an open plan flat but want to separate my living area from my sleeping? You could opt for a floating curtain simply buy as many single curtains you need to segregate your space and hand them on a net curtain wire suspended from the ceiling you will also have the option to pull back the curtain when more space isn’t needed. On the other hand, you could get some large bookcases and arrange them in a wall style although when full they are more of a permanent addition.

 I want to create a gallery wall, any tips? Well, when creating a gallery wall take your time and have a plan don’t just throw stuff up on the wall. What style are you going for? A landscape, a collage of pictures etc. Once you have this shop around for the items you want they don’t have to be expensive as even cheap pictures look great when slotted into a good decor scheme. Just be sure to stick to you right theme as infinite you change halfway through you can end up with a miss matched style.

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