Quick And Easy Ways To Increase Kerb Appeal

Quick and easy ways to increase kerb appeal need not be expensive but it will require some elbow grease I'm afraid. Start with a basic assessment of your frontage stand outside and have a good look at your home is there anything standing out could the window frames do with a lick of paint? has rubbish blown off the street into your garden? start with the obvious first then refer to this guide.

Before you get to your front door look at the paths, paving and doorstep chances are they could do with a clean even relatively new builds dirt will accumulate on these areas as soon as construction is complete. The best way to clean these areas is with a pressure washer as no one wants to get on there knees and scrub. If you don't own or know anybody with one they can be hired from your local hire centre. Use a detergent especially for outside paving as these will be far more effective than household cleaners. These cleaners usually have mould inhibitors in them to keep your stonework looking good for longer.

After the clean its time to tackle the greenery that seems to grow in between the paving itself and any cracks. There are no quick fixes here just get down and have a pull also select a weed killer designed for this purpose.

Next up is to trim back any vegetation that is taking over starting with the lawn if you have one a good cut will make the front look great on its own. Be sure to trim any overhanging plants that are on walls, paths and gates it will create a more welcoming look and make the whole area look neater. Also, apply a feed or restorer for any unsightly beige patches in the lawn to bring it out in its full glory.

Gravel in gravel beds will also benefit from a refresh as the gravel fairies always seem to remove gravel somehow over time. Use a garden rake or similar to level the gravel out to neaten the new additions.

Our last point is the more fun aspect which is adding plants to the frontage heather it is bushes next to the front door or simple flowers to freshen up an old flower bed it will all give the area a fresh and clean look. If you go for hanging planters or plants next to the door aim for evergreen examples as these will be there throughout the year. Try to give an eye interest at all levels from the beds to the letterbox hight and then some hanging baskets at eye level. When it comes to flowers go for bright sunny styles as these are the lookers of the garden they attract the eye and intern perks the interest.

Hopefully, this guide to added kerb appeal will help you on the way to a fresh front of your home and maybe even tip the balance with a perspective potential home buyer.

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