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Our Most Common Decorating Questions Answered

Our Most Common Decorating Questions Answered
We have compiled this list on some of most common decorating questions we get asked. There is a minefield of questions to ask so we have tried to g...

6 Quick And Simple Tips For A Small Bedroom

Small Bedroom
We don’t all have the option to sleep in a large bedroom with separate dressing room and en-suite. Most of us have a bedroom on the smaller size bu...

10 Questions To Ask Before Buying Home Decor

10 Questions To Ask Before Buying Home Decor image
If you are reading this then you probably have a love of home decor or at the very least enjoy shopping for it. The costs can spiral quite rapidly ...

Home Office Design Help

Home Office Design Help image
What do we need in a study? Something to keep us motivated and enthusiastic so we can focus on the job at hand. Some people have a study or home of...

How To Create The Perfect Lawn

lawn mower on garden
This post is going to give you some insight and help guide you in creating the perfect lawn from seed. Obviously, there are some factors out of our...

Quick & Easy Storage Tips

bookshelf storage
Storage is something that we can never have enough of and somehow seems to get gobbled up faster than we would like. In modern society, the houses ...

How To Pick A Coffee Table

Living room set
Picking a coffee table can seem a bit of a mission as the choice available is mind-boggling from wood to glass square to round and they are just th...

6 Tips To Keep Cool In Bed

sleeping french bulldog
Well in Britain we don't normally have the problem of keeping cool in bed very often. However, the unusual weather we are having this summer means ...

De-Clutter Your Bedroom 2018

Clean Bedroom
The bedroom is not viewed or visited by many guests, in fact, you are probably the only person to see it. Yet because of this reason the tidiness a...

Top 5 Guide To Home Flooring

flooring styles
Redecorating your home inevitably means you will need a new floor covering either for vanity or necessity. I have lost count of the amount of time ...

5 Ways to Create a Feng Shui Bedroom

feng shui bedroom
If you're having trouble sleeping at night, you should consider how your room is laid out. Creating a feng shui bedroom will help balance the energy and create flow in the room. Read on to learn how you can bring feng shui to your bedroom.

De-Clutter Before Your House Move

Cluttered garage
Moving home is probably the most stressful time of our lives but thankfully it’s something that we don’t do very often. However, if you declutter a...