Made To Measure Faux Wood Venetian Blinds

Made to measure faux wood venetian blinds here are all made in the UK. PVC blinds or faux wood as there commonly known are perfect for any high moisture area or simply if your working on a budget as they are usually cheaper than real wood. Our truly stunning collection of faux wood blinds at a great price to suit all budgets and look like real wood virtually impossible to tell the difference until very close a cost-effective way to add wooden effect blinds to your windows with the added bonus of high moisture resistance. White blinds are sometimes referred to as plantation blinds due to there similar look to shutters that are fitted more like door blinds and open/close in and out. Due to these being made from plastic mean you can get a very vibrant colour in these that you just can't produce with wood. Horizontal blinds like these wooden venetian blinds suit all windows great but are not ideal for patio or sliding doors as these are generally kept in the lowered position. Made to measure wooden blinds in a faux style is a cheap bespoke way to add an essence of wood to your space.

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