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45 mm Electric Roller Blind Motor

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Product Description

This Voluto motor is your ideal mains powered solution for blinds up to 3500mm x 3500mm. As well as a built in radio receiver, the motor offers you an external dry contact, ideal for using with building automation systems or with a low voltage wall switch. This combination of options means that by using just one motor, you can meet nearly every all your needs.


Product Specification:

Control Type: Radio remote / building automation system

Limits: Mechanical (set on motor)

Output Speed: 28 rpm

Rated Torque: 6 N.m

Rated Voltage: 230v

Rated Power: 121W

Rated Current: 0.53A

IP Protection Rating: 44

Lifting Capacity: 13kg

Maximum Size of Blind (300gsm Fabric): 3450mm x 3450mm

Tube Size: 45mm single groove aluminium tube.

Smallest Blind Size Width: 650mm